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WSH Act & Risk Management Policy

Workplace Safety and Health (WSH) is not the effort of one individual, but the result of all working together.

As an employer, it is the duty for us to practice such measures to ensure safety and health are abide at all times.

We have the responsibility of identifying safety and health hazards at the workplace and taking the reasonably practicable steps to eliminate the hazards or reduce the risks associated with the hazards.

Review and revise RA periodically. Risk Assessment is the process of identifying the safety and health hazards associated with work, assessing the risks involved, and prioritizing measures to control the hazards and reduce risks.

We at Brace Concepts participate in the bizSAFE program to promote workplace safety & health (WSH) Act. We built up our WSH capabilities through bizSAFE Level 3 recognition which enable us to implement risk management and put that into action.

Quality Policy

  • Total Customer Satisfaction through quality products by doing things right first time – every time
  • Ensure Quality, Quality and Adherence to timely supplies for achieving customer satisfaction
  • Strive to achieve excellence in quality through Training, Motivation, Team work and continuous upgrading of Technology
  • To provide quality products and services which shall reflect satisfied customers
  • To consciously build a quality culture through Employee Participation, Motivation and Training
  • To take appropriate steps to minimize wastage, increase productivity and optimize the quality of products and services in a cost effective manner
  • To strive for an eco-friendly environment.